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    Add.: 349.Fengxiang East
      Rd.Tongxiang, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China.
    P.C.: 314500
    Tel: 86-573-88081238
    Fax: 86-573-88080638
    Email: jschen@essor.com.tw

    Aside from the expertise engineers and experienced technical staffs, our hardware is the core factor that enables us to become the leader in the market. LIEBHERR LC500 CNC gear hobbing machine, KLINGELNBERG P65 Gear measuring center, OSAKA SEIMITSU CLP-35 gear measuring machine, LUREN 2050, 2080, 3080 CNC worm grinding machines and hob resharpening machine are the most important equipment for us to produce high accuracy and high quality worms and wheels.

    We can offer not only ZA, ZI, ZK, ZN profile worm gears but also the ZC profile worm paired with radial or tangential cutting wheel units which benefit high torques and efficiencies as well as long lifetimes. Dual lead worm wheel units with variable thickness of tooth are our competitive products for rotary tables as well. The mass production accuracy for our products is up to DIN 4.

    "Etching test" for worms by nine processes to detect thermal damage on the work piece during grinding to enhance products quality.


    Thanks to the technical transfer and supports from Germany and Taiwan, we have had the strong backing to allow development and manufacturing high precision worms and wheels. We offer tailor-made services for our customers, and optimization and modernization if required. The uncompromising of our customer-oriented products quality are the pillars of our commercial success. TUV ISO 9001 quality system certified has proof of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

    ZC Profile
    Dual Lead Multiple?Thread
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